I adore Katy Regnery and her writing so I got cozy on the lounge with a cup of tea and dove into this story only to literally choke on my cup of tea when I burst into laughter 2 seconds later. At which point I tried to explain to hubby what garnered that reaction. (he still doesn't get it but oh well it made my day because that was hot and damn yes that escalated quickly)

So as you no doubt guessed this started with a bang and I felt a great connection to Amanda and the story. And the further in I got the more I was dying to see how Amanda and Luke were going to sort out their issues and start a life together.

Their problems were such normal, every day issues that are faced by mature people. And I liked that the story was so incredibly realistic and relatable even though it's nothing I have ever been through. All of the characters felt so genuine. 

I just felt Amanda maybe planned things a little rashly without any input from Luke who really had a lot more to consider. And the ending felt a little rushed. But I guess we got our hea and everyone was happy, so I should probably get over it.

I loved the epilogue and I was happy with how it played out. I just would have preferred to take the more scenic route. Oh well the blurbs for the rest of the series sound great so I will be on GoodReads stalking them if you need me.


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