So I really liked The Locker Room but damned if Meghan Quinn didn't just bring her A game with this book. I really wish I knew the first thing about baseball so I could throw in a few metaphors for how great this was. It was the perfect new adult, college sports romance with a heap of heat and all the feels.

Carson and Milly were awesome. There is just something about the nerdy girl who knows her worth and a hot jock who isn't full of himself. And as much as I loved them both they were even better together.

I always get this nervous knot in my stomach when everything is perfect by the 50% mark. You just know you're heading for a cliff you can't see the edge of. And as I got further in and things were just getting better and better I thought maybe it was all going to be ok then BAM! I was lying in bed crying like a baby and I didn't see it coming.

It took a while for things to turn around. And I started out thinking I knew what I needed from Carson and Milly to make me happy but I was so happy not getting what I wanted. This was the perfect home run. And the secondary characters just added the icing on the cake. 


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