I feel like I have waited forever for Hunters story. After everything that went down with him and Summer and Fitz and then the whole broken wrist thing I have been dying for him to get a HEA.

And Demi was the perfect person for him. But omg Elle I am so glad that you didn't go anywhere near where I thought this was going. I had such nervous butterflies in my stomach for half of this book waiting for the major drama to hit and when it did I was so far off the mark. 

I loved the chemistry between Hunter and Demi. Even when they were firmly in the friend zone I loved the banter and communication between them. They made me laugh almost as much as they made me swoon.

Because damn as hot as the chemistry between them was the sex scenes were hotter. As always I loved catching up with the whole crew and I still love Hollis and Rupi. And I am really praying that Connors book is next or Maybe Matt's or you know what? You do you Elle cause if you write it I am sure I will devour it in a single sitting like all the rest.


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