It feels like we have waited a decade for Dixie's story, which is kind of fitting since she waited a decade to be claimed by Jace. But honestly Dixie has been such a part of all the Whiskey family's stories I felt like I knew her story already. She was such a strong yet caring kick arse biker princess I was dying to see who was going to get passed the Whiskey brothers and the Dark Knights to win her over.

And I didn't even think of Jace. Probably because he hasn't been that involved in any of the other books. But I loved who he was in relation to Silver Stone bikes and the connection to Bullet. It just wrapped him into the family so perfectly.

The whole relationship between Jace and Dixie was either hot as hell or angsty as hell. I felt like the book had me on a huge roller-coaster ride and I really loved every minute of it. Jace played his cards so close to his chest he left us all holding our breath to see what he was thinking. Because we knew where his heart was at and we knew the kind of man he was we just didn't know WTF he was doing.

But man when he goes big he really does it right. That last ten percent of the book wrapped it all up to perfection and I put the book down with a huge smile. I love visiting the Whiskeys and seeing new additions to the families and new relationships being formed. As well as being introduced to more cousins for more series to read. 

I can't wait to get my hands on Quincey's book next because damn that boys story will be tortured. And he absolutely deserves a big huge happily ever after. And hopefully there will be some more Whiskey babies being added to the family too. I love Peaceful Harbor. 


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