I have always been in two minds about Savannah. She comes across as a bit of a judgy know it all ball buster but at the same time I get it. She had so much stress and responsibility thrown at her at such a young age it kind of put a stick up well you know where.

And obviously I have always loved Liam. I mean what's not to love in a reformed playboy, town bad boy with a heart of gold? And having seen him always there for the Bailey trouble makers just added to his appeal.

But I didn't see how Piper Rayne were going to ever get them on the same page. Especially after watching them fight like cat and dog all this time.

Obviously I should have had more faith because not only did those ladies provide me with a great romance they also made me love Savannah. And maybe shed a few tears for everything these two went through to get to the end of the story.

Although thankfully it's just the start of a new chapter in the Bailey family saga and we are already all cued up for the next installment and I really am dying to see Denver grow up and put someone before himself. And find out who the owner of a certain handbag is. Can't wait!!!

And complete side note but damn, how hot are those cover models? Awesome casting job ladies.


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