I was so nervous going into this book. I was obsessed with the first one but the last one just missed the mark for me. And I know if i like it the chances are I will end up ugly crying while my husband looks at me like I'm crazy for a second before he wanders off to get me a cup of tea or glass of wine before hiding so I can't try to explain the whole story to him.

But it's Kendall Ryan so I had to read it and I am so glad I did. From the first page I was so involved in the story. Mark and Dawn were so gorgeous together and both were in so deep but both were looking for the right moment to have "The Chat". But of course life happened and that became the least of their problems, while leaving them both unsure exactly where they were standing with the other. 

So much happened in such a short period of time to throw them both on their heads. And for a while I thought Dawn was going to be monumentally stupid. But Mark was so strong and understanding and made me feel guilty for thinking badly of (and wanting to slap) Dawn.

Catching up with the crew is always great. And I am really excited for Seth's story and his mystery lady. And seeing who's going to be the next one to add to the sexy, tattooed men holding babies club.


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