I don't even know where to start with writing this review, I just want to hand everyone the book and say thank me later. But even that feels kind of redundant because obviously you already have it pre-ordered since it's an Ilsa Madden-Mills new release. And to top that it's a Hawthorne hockey book and we get Z and Sugar sprinkled in like confetti.


But really the book was awesome. Eric and Julia were both heartbreaking in their brokenness. And yet they were both so together and strong in fighting for what they wanted. And every time I celebrated them going through another trial there was something else they had to deal with. I honestly went through all the feels.


Then we get the surprise epilogue and I couldn't have loved it more. Like seriously sweet cherry on the cake. It completely tied all the bows on top of the present that it was. It even gave my vengeful side a little happy dance and then threw in a heap more sweet. Perfect.



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