This whole book was a whole lot of swoon. Although maybe I should preface this with the fact Lex Martin could write toilet paper and I would pre-order it. And the previous book in this story was a five-star read so I went into this with high expectations, and they were met.


So, both of these characters were introduced in the last book but they can be read as complete stand-alones. I felt like I didn't know these characters at all once we got to see them as the main characters. Because both had so much going on under their surfaces. And then throw in a surprise baby and things get even deeper.


Ben and Sienna were perfect for each other. Both had genuinely good hearts that made me want nothing but rainbows and sunshine for them. And watching them deal with all the drama that was thrown their way made me want it even more. Each of them had been through so much and they worked so hard to improve themselves.


I couldn't put this book down and I can't wait for the next one. I wish I could start it again for the first time.



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