First, I need to confess that I am completely biased as I am obsessed with this series. Every book has been awesome, and I am so glad I stumbled across this author. She has fast become an insta one click and I love that each book sets up the next book so perfectly that I put every book down dying to get my hands on the next one while also wishing I could go back and read this one again for the first time.


So as mentioned by the time I put down Good Guys Don't Lie I was dying to see what happened with Millie and Jude. And find out more about what had made Jude such a broken little toy. Sadly, I have a real thing for the broken, man whore, bad boys and Jude was right up there. Until he wasn't. Once we found out what had caused his pain, I wanted to wrap him up in kisses. And then he went and gave the best boyfriend, and I was besotted. Because holy swoon.


Millie was an awesome heroine. She didn't play games or act coy. Everything about her was just perfect. And I loved watching her learn who she was and what she wanted from life. As a couple these two were so cute and I really loved watching them fall in love and work everything out. But omg I need the next book now.



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