Here's the thing, I have a serious love hate relationship with second chance romance. If it's not done to perfection I hate it, I need a VERY legitimate reason for the break up; I need BOTH or neither character to have been celibate depending on the break up; and then I need grovelling, like major, world class grovelling. So when I read the blurb for this book I was thinking hard pass.


But it kept popping up so I pre-ordered thinking I would eventually get there, like when the next one starts popping up but as soon as it landed on my Kindle I had to read more of this series because I am absolutely loving it.


From the first page I was engrossed. Having it told in dual point of view meant that I knew there was more to the story than Talia thought. And I had to know what that was, because Foster was so openly in love with Talia and so desperate to have her hear him out. But damn, did I feel Talia's heartbreak. As much as I felt the chemistry and I went on that whole rollercoaster of emotions. I couldn't put the book down.


This book was so perfectly written and the story was beautiful and I'm so glad that I jumped right in. And I'm already dying for the next book, in fact I'm off to see if the preorder is up because I need that story.



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