Release Date: April 17

A friends-to-lovers professional football romance that has spice, plot, and feeling.

With her biological clock ticking and no man in sight, Chloe agrees to be her best friend’s surrogate. After all, she owes Rose her life. However, with the high chance of miscarriage, they agree to keep it secret until the pregnancy is a sure thing.

Things get more complicated when shortly after the arrival of those two pink lines, sparks start to fly with a long-time crush and best guy friend, Kenny.

How can Chloe possibly convince this guy who doesn’t believe in commitment to give her a chance, especially once the truth comes out and he realizes the extent of her deception?

More than just love is on the line, and it could end in a win bigger than the Super Bowl or a loss so heartbreaking and irreparable that it might destroy her.

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Meet Ella Haines

A typical New Englander, Ella was born and raised in New Hampshire, and much to her husband’s chagrin hopes to continue to live and die, there. 

Growing up, she had a hard time falling asleep at night, so to pass the time, she would invent stories. That is, she would invent stories if she wasn’t in the middle of her own reading adventure. (You know… “Just one more chapter”….. and before you know it, it’s 4 am, and you’re still only 75% of the way done with the book). 


As she progressed into adulthood, those stories moved out of the PG realm and into PG-13 land. As an adult, you can imagine what the rating is now…


With two little sons, their life is always busy but (usually) full of laughter. Writing was a passion that Ella picked up after her sons were born in the quiet times during naps and after they went down for the night. As such, production of content is slower than she would like, but as she preaches to the kiddos, slow and steady wins the race!

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