So, I read this series well out of order and honestly it didn’t really matter. Each of them works perfectly as standalones and the previous couples in them aren’t really major parts of each story so it was just a fact that each one kind of set up the next one’s introduction. And I honestly don’t know why I didn’t read this one when it was released. I grabbed the next one when it was popping up everywhere and didn’t realise it was part of this series before I was part way in and then the mentions of Eli had me wanting to go back and read this, so I did.


But I actually struggled a little bit with reading this. I think mainly due to the timing of me reading it. It’s back to school here for the tribe and we have 2-year-old twins staying with us and I am very distracted, and I just couldn’t get lost in the book. I was waiting for the big twist at the end for most of the book and the first 80% of the book felt like it kind of dragged out. The twist was predictable, but I was dying to know how it was going to play out. I just wanted it to happen sooner.


Eli and Molly were both really likeable characters, and I liked the development of their relationship. It felt like a real meet cute and then just a really natural progression. I also enjoyed the way they dealt with things like adults. Even when they didn’t talk about it immediately it wasn’t because they were being petty or avoiding it, it was just the way they were dealing.


I really wish that I had read this book at a different time so I could have given it more of my attention and I probably would have enjoyed it more. But for now, it is what it is.



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