Well things are really heating up in the war and in this series. I keep getting so sucked in to some of these side stories that each time I think I'll read something else I get sucked right back in to find out what is going to happen. Especially now that Janie is getting older and everything is getting so much more interestingly entwined.


When I picked this up I don't know if that was who I was expecting for Kane, but Amber was just who he needed. Everything about her was unexpected and unorthodox but it was impossible not to like her. And having such an awesome twist with her grandmother just added to the whole craziness of her.


I mean dragging a vegan, pacifist into the middle of a war of immortals is just priceless. But she held her own amongst those crazy vampires and even got a handle on her powers. I love how she absolutely turned our calm, cool, collected, Kane on his head. And I'm really looking forward to seeing their relationship mature.


Now I'm off to grab the next book because I need to see our beautiful Jase find his way back. And see what Janie has up her sleeve. And how Hilde gets her hands on Oscar. And so much more that I am unaware of until I am reading it and my brain is screaming "yes this."



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