This was a cute little addition to the series. I love that we get so much of these shifters mixed throughout the main vampire books and then these awesome little snack size novellas of their own. And we get a tiny bit of extra vampire story without being anything you might need if you were to miss the novellas.


Maggie, I feel like I really knew, you know for someone who doesn't know herself. She was an absolute sweetheart who dealt with her issues without letting them weigh down her spirit. And Terrent we kind of know but he's always been this super staunch bad arse.


When the bomb was dropped, I was actually a little annoyed and then I was over it pretty quickly. I can see why Terrent did what or did and I liked that despite her initial ire Maggie understood too. I had hoped to get more of Maggie's history but I'm ok with what we got considering the length of the book. And hopefully we will be getting more of the bad arse pack in future books. Especially now that Jase is trying to join.



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