Ahhhh it's freaking Tucker's book. Ok ok I know I probably should have realised that a long time ago, but I had no clue. I actively avoid teasers because then my little brain fixates on that story, and I am unable to read anything else and I drive myself and my family a little nuts waiting for the book to be released. So, when it's one of my auto buy authors like the amazing ARR I don't read the blurb. I just check if it's part of a series I've already started.


So, I was all excited to start a brand new series and meet some new characters when BAM I realised I knew half of these guys. And I've already sulked over how much I need a massive industrial building with a floor for each of my family and a huge indoor playground. On top of that we got the start of Until Willow at the end and I completely melted remembering all the awesomeness of their book.


Oh well, as I said it's freaking Tucker's book and his lovely lady, Miranda. Honestly couldn't find a single thing in the book that wasn't just gah. The sweet, strong, self-confident single mum and the growling, sweet, caring, possessive alpha law enforcement bad arse. What can I say? It's like reading crack. I'm completely addicted, and I never want to be cured of it.


The only issue I had was having to put it down to parent. And the fact that since I finished it in a day, I now have to wait for Aurora to weave her magic and write the next one. Because since the minute I read Until November it's been a pattern of inhale the book as quickly as possible, then wait for the next one, rinse and repeat. With a few random re-reads thrown in for good measure.


So now we wait. Which is kind of ok since there's now a few extra secondary characters to obsess over getting their own stories. Can't wait to see what's next.




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