I seriously need to know what happens in my head that means after reading the first two books in a series and loving them, the minute I have to wait for the next book means I'll end up waiting years to read it. Tessa Bailey is such a talented author, and this series has been awesome so I don't know why it took me years to read this. 


Jiya and Andrew were really unique for a friend's to lover’s romance. Absolutely nothing about their journey was expected and I couldn't put it down. First the friendship between them was beautiful but the way they each felt and the reason for them being stuck in the friendzone was a great read. Throw in the absolute fierceness of Andrew's love and possessiveness on top of his selflessness made him just beyond.


I really liked Jiya too, but I am absolutely obsessed with Andrew. Between his dirty mouth and complete devotion, I was as desperate to slap him for being an idiot as I was to jump him. But Jiya understood him. and once she realised she wasn't alone in the depth of her feelings I love that she went after it so hard.


This book was just the right blend of emotions, angst and hot as hell. I really don't know why I didn't read it years ago.




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