I've taken a short breather in my reading of this series and I'm actually really glad I did. The anticipation of this book has been threaded through every book before it and it almost feels like a safe spot to finish but also a new beginning. All the OG Kayr's vampires are mated, and Janie has fulfilled her destiny. And a lot of the questions now have answers.


It's funny because this book had so many ways it could have played out. and I feel like while I was reading it, I spent as much time thinking about what could have been as actually reading the book. Each time I would come to a new conclusion on what would happen next something shifted. 


Janie and Zane actually together were a lot less tumultuous than I expected. But obviously they didn't have an easy run of it. Everything about them being together was a fight to get beyond and they handled it beautifully. I am dying to see where the series is going from here. Yet I also don't know if I want to read it. Because where we have finally gotten to feels safe and comfortable. Who am I kidding? I'm one clicking the next one as soon as I finish this. Toodles




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