Kandi Steiner hockey series? Say no more, sign me up. Should I have read the blurb to see what I was in for? Maybe, but then again, I was going to dive into it the first chance I got so …... And then I couldn't have put it down to check the blurb if I had to because I was dying to get more. More story: more push and pull; more Vince; more Maven; just more.


It's been a while since I've read a book that has given me a nervous fluttering in my stomach as I read it. So, when it hit in this book it actually took me a minute to realise I was all balled up over what was playing out on the page. There was so much chemistry between Maven and Vince that I wouldn't have been surprised to get a zap from my kindle.


I absolutely wanted Maven to give Vince a miss when he was first trying to get her attention but then he stopped playing games and started using his words and I was smitten. Maven's reluctance was easy to understand, and Vince played right into her views of him. Making it easy to see why she kept up the push and pull from her perspective. Despite that when I read Vince's point of view, I wanted her to run off into the sunset with him.


The secondary characters are people I can't wait to get the stories of. Especially with the next couple already being teased, my patience is being put to the test. 




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