I was so excited for the release of this book. But I waited so patiently and then grabbed it on KU and then couldn't read it. Because I'm an idiot, obviously. I love Devney Perry’s writing and characters, but I have a thing against second chance romance. So, every time I thought about reading this, I figured I needed the right moment to be able to enjoy it without the constant “Mum” distractions. It also wasn’t an end of day read before bed book, because I knew I would end up sitting up all night to read one more chapter.


Millie and Ford were awesome and while I understood Ford’s initial choices and actions, I can’t understand why he let it go so long. And I was kind of furious with the way he went after what he wanted without any consideration for how Millie might feel about things. But then I would love how all in he was and how much he regretted the way everything happened. 


The story flowed so easily, and I really enjoyed the whole thing. There were a few moments I wanted to be annoyed with one thing or another but before I could manage it, they changed point of view, and I was looking at the other side of it. I could have done with a lot more of them together, the epilogue was cute, but it just wasn’t enough. I’m really happy that Devney decided to turn this from a stand-alone to a series and I am hoping we get Rush next but I also don’t care as long as we get it sooner than later.




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