This series has been exactly what I have come to expect from Natasha Madison that I no longer even look at the blurb before I jump right in. And then we get a cross over in series with a heap of the couples from previous books popping up and it's feeling like an Easter egg just for me.


So, this book felt like it had a little bit of everything, surprise baby, series cross over, second chance that felt like insta love. Awesome secondary characters (obviously) and some main characters that I loved instantly. 


Addison was one of those people who was forged in fire, but it didn't make her hard and unbending. She was so strong, yet she was sweet and open and caring with everyone around her. And Stefano was just all guns blazing going for what he wanted.


I loved that there were no misunderstandings, everything just flowed really organically. From the moment Stefano laid eyes on them he knew exactly what he wanted, and he just set about making it happen. And Addison didn't fight it, but she also wasn't a door mat. They just worked perfectly.


Add in Stefano being the type who wants to watch his enemies suffer and I loved him even more. I love seeing people who have been instrumental in making the MCs struggle get hit by the karma bus. And it happens so rarely in romance, but it made my vengeful little heart very happy.


The series just keeps getting better and better and I am loving all the cross overs. Can't wait to see what's up next. Kisses




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