I can’t believe that this is the end of our beautiful wallflowers. Although I have to say that this is how you end an awesome series. This book had everything I could have asked for. I went into it thinking that Jane was going to be with someone that we already knew from the previous books. Then we are given a glimpse of Hendrick and I forgot there were any other possible options for Jane. Jane was probably the quietest of the wallflowers because she was trying to lay low for the first two books and then in the third, we got a tiny glimpse of her starting to come out of her shell.


It was so great to see her step out of the shadows and start living as herself without fear. And then this book picks up and the drama starts, not with a bang but with so much subtlety that I couldn’t stop giving everyone side eye as I tried to figure out if they could be involved. Watching Hendrick break his own rules and turn himself inside out to ensure her safety, made me love him more and more. 


Hendrick and Jane had that perfect mix of chemistry and common sense that made the push and pull so much more interesting to watch play out. Because they were both fighting so hard to not just do the right thing but to look after each other in the process. I absolutely loved all of Hendrick’s brothers and I am praying that they will each be getting their own books soon. 


The only thing I could ask for with this book was to get more of the girl gang. Because although I adored everything Hendrick and Jane, and Holland brothers, I really missed the wallflowers hanging out as much as normal. But then that epilogue was beyond cute and despite the fact it’s over, it ended so beautifully that I can’t wait to see what Rebecca Jenshak has in store for us next.




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