Ahhh we finally get Drew's book, and I couldn't put it down. I've been dying to read Drew's story since we got such a tease in Drake's book. He was just so sensitive and seemed more in touch with his emotions and with everything he was going through I was looking forward to seeing how it all played out for him.


And I am a little disappointed because I still don't actually know. It feels like so much happened in this book and yet it is just the beginning of the story. And I can't decide if I love that or hate it because I need more. I want to know how Drew is feeling about his future. I want to know if he is still unsure about football as his future. And I want to know what happens next with his love life.


Tess was perfect for Drew. I loved that she had crushed on him forever. I kind of wish that he had known how she felt beforehand, but the way it played out was kind of cute. There were so many twists and turns and ups and downs I just couldn't wait to see what was next. I feel like I need another book with everything settled and out on the table. So we can all just bask in their happily ever after.


Now I am going to obsess over how the whole story went. And think about all the other ways it could have gone. Because I really loved both Tess and Drew and they were awesome together, but it feels like they didn't get a break and then the book was over, and I just need more. I need to watch them stroll off into the sunset madly in love with a future all planned out or starting.



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