I guess I should start by saying I am absolutely not one of those people that reviews to a formula. I either like things or I don't. Sometimes I don't even know why things work for me or why they don't which is why my reviews are more often than not just a review of my feels and opinions and this one is no different.

I walked out of the cinemas 30 minutes ago and I have to admit my mind is now consumed by all things 50. Which was the same reaction I had to the book.

Now honestly I am the worst person ever to watch a movie with if I have read the book, in fact my kids wont even watch Harry Potter with me. I can't help but point out where they have differed from the authors version or where they have missed something I feel is crucial to the story from my interpretation of it so when I told my husband I was going to go see the movie he told me not to compare it to the book but to just try go in there impartial and enjoy a day at the movies. Which I legitimately tried to do, I deliberately didn't re-read it and haven't since the last time I read it over a year ago so I wouldn't be trying to dissect it page by page and honestly I think I succeeded.

So the million dollar question is as an obsessed 50 book fan did I love or hate the movie.

First and foremost I have been miserable over the casting since the very beginning. I think the thing I love most about books is while reading them even as we get the authors physical description our mind still fills in what works best for us. Sure the author might see them as 6 foot and blonde but to the reader we could just as easily picture him as our favourite actor or sportsman without it affecting the story line. So no matter who was cast in this movie it was never going to be to anyone's ideal except those who pictured Jamie Dornan as Christian and I was not even close.

Seeing the movie was the first time it really hit me that 50 shades was supposedly written as Twilight fanfic. I am a huge Twilight fan (please don't tell anyone) but I think I needed this movie to not pull me into that and I felt myself making the comparisons and I didn't like it. Jamie was never going to be my Christian but I do think he is a nice looking guy, sadly I think he would be a perfect brother for Edward and I felt his lines were like he was trying to sound like Edward and well he kinda did.

I knew going in there would be a lot of sex that's part of why I loved the book. It was the first romance novel I read that I felt said "Women like to be fucked" we don't just want it sweet and soft and gentle and secretive. We like sex and fucking as much (probably more) than men. So I always thought 50 would make a better porn adaptation that movie but the amount of times they showed it I expected to feel it and sadly I left with dry panties. Probably not so sad for the ushers who had to clean after we left.

But all that aside I still don't know if I loved it or I hated it. Dakota as Ana kind of worked. Again she wasn't my ideal of Ana but she played naive and yet brave and self confident well and I remembered parts of her character that I liked in the book. Jamie felt unconvincing for me. I wanted Christian to be intimidating but sexy. Kind of like a bad cop kind of image, I guess, and to me he just looked like he was trying too hard. It might be different if I was avidly crushing on him IDK but he just didn't work for me.

Overall the movie wasn't bad and when it's out on video I will probably buy it so my husband can watch it but I think overall I left the cinema feeling like I was missing something. I think in a few weeks I will have to re-read and see what effect the book has on my perspective but for now I am glad I went. I will go to 50 Shades Darker and maybe by then the actors will be solidified in my head as the characters and my opinion might differ.

I think the best way I can sum it up is how I tried to explain it to my husband when I kissed him goodbye this morning. There are things we love like The Godfather movies, if they remade it the new cast and story line will forever be compaired to the original and never quite live up to it as they are set in stone in our minds as the original ideal so it's hard to see it redone even if it's redone well it still isnt what you think it should be. the sun is yellow, the sky is blue and my Christian isn't Jamie Dornan. And my imagination is awesome.

I sincerely encourage everyone to go see it as I think if you love the book you will find pieces of it that bring the book to mind and make you remember that feeling you had when reading it and be able to share it with the friend or loved one you see it with or it will just make you remember that this one book has changed the face or erotica and made it so when someone asks what are you reading you don't blush and say nothing, it will make you proud of the fact you knew the story first and even if they hate the movie they went and saw it because us smut lovers fell so hard for it the movie producers had to get in on it.

Laters baby.................................


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