4 Locked Hearts

To say I loved the first book in this series would be a serious understatement so as soon as I spotted this one on goodreads I started waiting oh so patiently  for this one to be released.

Worth The Risk wasn't at all what I was expecting after the light and happy previous book I read the blurb to this one and thought "oh yeah another poor cheated on girl and cranky, closed off millionaire" Ummmm nope.

It was a little more confronting than that and although I cried one page in and wondered what I was getting myself into when I was expecting a fun, happy, lighthearted read I am so glad I went into it unassuming and definitely unawares.

Our newest McKinney brother is as sweet and as perfect as Matt and although there were many points in the book I wanted to slap him I couldn't help but also want to hug him and kiss him and lick him and fu.............. ok I think you get the point.

Hannah was amazing, from the moment she was introduced I just wanted to give her all that she deserved and more. Her story was a lot harder to take than I had expected and the way the author delivered it had me constantly waiting to see if and when a bit more of her ordeal would be released. And then as it was my heart broke a little more for her and I wanted to scream at Stephen to just hurry up and give her the perfect Happy Ever After she deserved and of course he dragged his feet and made me pull my hair out and scream like a lunatic at my kobo.

She had every reason to be a pathetic broken mess and despite the fact that's how she and her brothers sometimes saw her she had a strength that made her perfect.

As with the first book Claudia has a way of bringing in the secondary characters as though they are the main event and making you love them and wonder about them and hope that you will get a bit more of them as you read. And I would love to see some of the antagonists in this book get their comeuppance but alas Claudia doesn't seem to be as vengeful as I discovered I can be towards fictional arseholes.

I loved that we saw so much of Matt and Abby and their kids and see their happy ending continue on as it began.

And now back to holding our breath for the next one. I mean it's only a year we can wait that long.

But for now grab Worth The Risk today at Amazon


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