4 Little Stars


Aurora has been a must read, auto buy author since the moment I picked up Until November. She never fails to provide me with everything I love in a romance.

Growling, Jealous, Possessive, OTT Alpha

Strong Heroine

A Solid Story

Amazing Secondary Characters

Insta love

Close Family Ties

Alpha Hero ( They are always worth mentioning twice, cause they are always that damn good)

Kai has been a hero I have been dying to read about since the first time he swooped in and helped a Mayson attain his HEA and I wasn't disappointed. He is everything you could want in an alpha except maybe that annoying habit they have of always thinking they are right and not bothering to explain the reasons behind his actions.

We go into this book knowing that Kai and Myla are married and that despite the circumstances they both want this to become a permanent arrangement. 

Myla was a little too trusting for my liking. Her story isn't an easy one and yet she kept making stupid decisions and being a doormat over major issues and standing up for stupid things. Don't get me wrong if Kai rocked up on my doorstep and decided we had to get married my husband would come home to a Dear John but with that in mind he probably would have dumped my ass 10 minutes later when I argued with every bossy alpha decision he went ahead and carried out without thought of anyone elses opinion in mind.

I love the fact this series is so quick and easy to read but I crave for her to write them more along the lines of her Until series and give us just a little more of the minutia of their story as well as a little more of the background and secondary characters. 

But as always we got all the best in a captivating story, a hot as hell alpha, amazing steamy sex and if your anything like me a desire to read the next thing Aurora writes to get my fix.

But until then if you haven't read the Until Series you must have been living under a rock and you need to drop everything and get on Amazon right now. And if you have feel free to email me and we can hold each others hands until her next release.


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