5 Perfect Match StarS

Wow! Just Holy fuck, wow!!!

I read the blurb for this book and thought it sounded different. I went into it expecting happy, fluffy, funny different. What I got was a complete trip of emotions.

I mean seriously this is the blurb I read:

As the story started we are introduced to the celebrities and their plus ones totaling up to 16 people competing in a reality TV show in the idyllic Seychelles to find  8 perfect soul mates, with your normal rounds of contests and prizes as people are matched up and sent off to dream destinations while winning money for their favourite charities, with the prize pool going to the final remaining soul mates charity.

Sounds easy enough. Until you meet the stars of the show.

And that’s where all the wow’s come in. These amazing authors have created the perfect characters to compete and not only do they make you feel incredibly vested in these characters but they also make you laugh, cry and cheer the whole way through.

The story is told in first person by Harlow who enters as a plus one with her childhood sweetheart Oakley a famous sports star who is there for some publicity and to spend some time together. But god did I hate Oakley. I seriously spent the first half of the book with my stomach in knots trying to figure out how gorgeous, loving, sweet, perfect Harlow could be with Oakley and waiting for him to do something that would upset me and tear her apart.

I couldn’t see how these 2 characters could be together but worse I couldn’t see how the authors could get them apart without a fuckload of angst and heartbreak. Sadly by that stage I was already so invested in Harlow and the beautiful friends she had made amongst the celebrities and plus ones that I had to read on even thinking that I was going to hate the book.

I mean seriously how can you not have massive amounts of angst drama, cheating and heartbreak when you throw in a famous and amazingly beautiful porn star; a few slutbag, bitchy, man eating actresses and entertainers; a heap of moralless, horny men and a buttload of athletes; oh and a few siblings and sweethearts, then pile on the alcohol and film it.

So to say I expected to finish the book with a sour attitude and a heap of my morals screaming is an understatement.

But obviously since I loved the book and am amazed by the absolute perfection of the authors work you can guess it didn’t play out how I spent half the book waiting for it to play out.


Now I am not even gonna hint at how it did play out cause you seriously need to read it but I am going to say to read it with a few tissues cause I laughed and cried and sniffled like a toddler on acid.

But I will tell you to go straight out, grab the book and a bottle of wine and ship the kids, husbands, pets or partners off for a few hours so you can completely experience the wonder that is this truly unique and amazing story.



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