4.5 Sweet Kisses

It's no secret I am a complete bookwhore for a single father, throw in a sexy soldier with a smoking hot accent and dirty words in another language and I am head over heels in lust. And after meeting Lily and Xavier in Incinerate I was dying to get the story of Xavier and from that first introduction we were teased with snips of him and Kalli ever since and each little piece made me more and more desperate to have them all wrapped up in a ready made perfect family.

Xavier and Kalli were definitely my favourite couple and I was worried how the feels would go when I knew going in we were starting with Kalli's proposal. I didn't want Xavier to come up with anymore bullshit to keep her in the no-go zone after feeling the depth of Kalli's love that has spanned a decade. I should have known Tessa wouldn't kill me with angst or overdose me with drama. I mean Tessa is the queen of easy to read, lust filled love stories that make my heart melt and my panties damp.

Xavier loved and he loved hard. His daughter was his sole focus for 10 years so it's easy to see the perfect man he is and the amazing husband he could be if only he would let himself trust and feel and let Kalli in.

We know going in that there isn't much Kalli won't do for this beautiful family and she doesn't pause to think on the repercussions for herself when she dives in headfirst to help them.

And although it took Xavier a while to finally come to grips with the fact he loved Kalli and to let his 50 feet high steel walls down we knew there was never any doubt how he felt for her and he never failed to make her feel special and cared about.

 If you haven't yet read this series don't just add it to the pile to be read eventually go out and grab them all today and fall in love with these 4 perfect soldiers and their amazing women and families. And if like me you have read them all don't wait to dive into The Wellingtons Series.


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