Yup I admit it, I read it for the cover.

When this first popped up on my gr feeds I rolled my eyes, I mean seriously how many step sibling romances have been released this year? I mean honestly  shouldn’t there be like a quota for books of a similar theme? It feels like every other month there is an in theme and sadly it is never whatever fad I am currently on (sure that’s probably more to do with me being a little backwards but still seriously?)

Then I started drooling on the cover and when my eyes unglazed I read the blurb and figured I would dive in. I mean normally the ones I read in this theme tend to be more on the taboo end but this one sounded interesting and a heap of people I stalk on GR gave it pretty hot reviews so I knew it had to be good.

And damn did I enjoy it. I think the fact they slept together before they found out they were going to be linked through holy matrimony took the taboo right out of it. So I was left with a hate to love story that kept me gripped and not just cause of the smoking hot sex.

The characters were great and I was completely absorbed by the story. Infact I literally couldn’t put it down and when my husband dragged me kicking and screaming to the shop so the kids wouldn’t starve to death he got a 20 minute recap on the half of the book I had read despite him having absolutely no interest. So I figured I would tell you all how awesome it was and hope you all will go out and grab it and then hit me up with how much you loved it.

Anyway I am off to check out more by this great author.



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