I am fangirling so hard over this book. I am a massive Lex Martin fan but she has always been my go to for an angsty new adult read so when I saw she had teamed up with Leslie McAdams and written a romantic comedy I was so excited to read it and omg was it worth every minute I had to hide in the toilet to try and read a page.

From the first page, I loved Evie. She was everything I could ask for. She was so self-reliant yet she had these moments of self-doubt that just made her all the more endearing. Add in her quirky friend, her rescue dog and her fixer upper house and I fell so hard for everything about her.

Josh was perfect. He was the ultimate book boyfriend. Rich yet down to earth, Hung like a horse and yet still so sweet and caring. I don’t think he could have done a thing wrong. From the first time he heard Evie’s voice he was so cute and I enjoyed being in his head so much.

Josh and Evie were just amazing together. I don’t think I could ever get enough of them together. And their meeting and relationship drama was so different yet they both felt so real and the sex was off the charts hot.

Of course in true Lex Martin style the emotion was so strong and my connection to the characters was so complete I went from laughing to crying and I felt like I was living every moment right along with them. You have to read this book right now. 


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