You honestly can’t go wrong with the Sarina Bowen, Elle Kennedy combination and this series is just awesome. I went into the series not knowing that it was almost a spin off from the Him series and as soon as I realised that it just put the icing on the cake of my obsession with all things WAG’s.

The characters are always perfect but of course throw in single father Matt and it was never any doubt this story was going to win me over. Hailey was an unknown but I fell for her so quickly and despite the fact I went into the book already besotted with Matt she was very quickly the star of the show for me.

From the start Hailey was quirky and sweet and despite the fact she was at a low point in her life she was still willing to fight for everything she wanted and I loved how she put everyone else first but never let them walk all over her. She also didn’t make unnecessary drama or let petty jealousy or other peoples issues get in the way of what was going on between her and Matt.

Everything about this book kept me dying to find out what was going to happen next and see how these guys were going to get to their happily ever after. And now I am even more addicted to this series and desperate to see how the other guys story’s play out.


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