I have to be honest Real Deal was probably one of my least favourite Piper Rayne novels. But I had complete faith that that was more a case of my own personal bias towards the hero and I also think I was one of the few people who put that book down dying to get my hands on Dane. I mean come on who doesn’t love a redeemable arsehole with a heart of gold?

And I have to say Dane exceeded my expectations by a long shot. Yeah he had moments of immaturity and he could be a bit of a dick but that just made his sweet that much more enjoyable. Sure he was a little damaged but how dull would the book be if he was perfect? But damn did he fall hard and I loved that he didn’t even realise it even when everyone around him continuously pointed it out.

Ava was totally adorable. I knew I was going to like her but having the insight into her and how she and Dane met and started made her almost perfect. She was all things sugar to Dane’s gruffness and they levelled each other out perfectly.

Together they were a great couple I would love to see so much more of and I am counting on that when we get Sexy Beast since we still got a heap of Cat and Marcus in this one and we even got a cameo from the Modern Love series and a quick mention of our beloved unicorn cock dildo.

So now we just have to wait forever a whole month to get our hands on the next one but I guess I can practise my patience and when that fails in a minute or two I can work on my stalking.

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