So it’s no secret I am a massive fan of Piper Rayne, I absolutely inhaled their last series so when I heard about their new series of Single Dad’s I admit I did a little happy dance and threw out my grabby hands. It’s hard to resist a book when you know going in that you’re going to enjoy the writing and that the characters are always so well written your almost guaranteed to love them and then throw in my own personal weakness, a sexy single dad and I was sold.

What I didn’t realise was there was a very slight overlap with Caterina being the baby sister of Tahlia from The Boxer. And we got a tiny little snippet of Tahlia and Lucas as well as a quick shout out to Lennon’s sex toy empire and my beloved Unicorn Cocks. So I felt like I was part of the in crowd once I put it all together. That said you seriously don’t need to know who they are or have read The Boxer beforehand since there is no real crossover between novels.

So anyway back to this book. I loved it but I have to admit I read the prequel, Jailbait and it took me a bit to get into this book because I left Jailbait with a bad taste in my mouth for Marcus. He also kind of annoyed me a lot in this. He was such an over protective Dad it came across as douchebag, but that’s just my own personal feeling on him.

Luckily for me Cat was awesome and I really liked her and the fact she was so sweet and I liked that she called Marcus on his shit. Also luckily for me there was a fair bit of focus on some hilarious secondary characters in setting up the series so I managed not to focus on the fact Marcus kind of annoyed me.

Overall I enjoyed this book and I am excited for the rest of the single dads to get their stories, especially Garrett and the train wreck that is Dane. But in complete honesty I would say read Modern Love Series first before this one because I have faith the series is going to get better.


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