Holy shit this book was hot. Which I probably should have been expecting given the title but damn it really started off with a smoking hot cop and just got hotter and hotter.

The characters were so much more than I was expecting given the amount of absolutely hot as fuck sex scenes. It felt like a smut book with a whole heap of emotion and a great story line and it just really worked to perfection for me.

I thought chase was a shallow, selfish man whore that I probably wouldn't warm up to. But he had so many different sides to him and I loved every single one of them. Especially when he was all growling and possessive. But also when he was all sweet and caring with his nephews. He just kept getting hotter and I loved his officer good times persona.

Livia was actually a little hard for me to relate to in parts. She started out as such a drama queen I couldn't help rolling my eyes a few times. But as I got further in and life happened and chase helped to loosen her up I seriously liked her.

But together they were great and I enjoyed how honest they were with their emotions and reactions to life. And despite the fact that there were a few things that happened a little fast most of the book felt so realistic and I was just dying to see how it was going to end.

And the epilogue just nailed it. Seriously the perfect cherry on top. But before you start this book I do need to warn you not to read it in public and to be sure you have plenty of panty changes available.


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