I really love this series. There’s just something about it that has worked for me from the very beginning. Admittedly a big part of that is the fact that I love Donna Michael’s writing style and the characters in this series have all been great and not just because one of them happens to be a cow with a crush who makes an appearance in each book.

Cord has been a main character in this series since the beginning and I have to admit I was a little hesitant about getting his story. Don’t get me wrong I really liked him, he just had so much baggage and even though we never got a good view of it I knew it was going to make for a heartbreaking story.

Haley has been someone we were very vaguely introduced to earlier and I just knew I would love her. The stubborn, independent widow of one of their buddies who was too proud and independent to ask for help. You just know there are going to be sparks flying all around the place.

I could feel the sexual tension from the second these two were in the same room and even though they both fought it at every step there weren’t any stupid misunderstandings or any of the usual back and forth bullshit. There were real adult reasons that I not only understood but sympathised with.

And of course our beloved Lula-Belle made her own appearance and we got more of each of the previous couples as well as everything else I have come to expect from this awesome series. You really must read it if you’re a fan of sweet and sexy romance.

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