It feels like I have been waiting forever to read Nate & Rebecca's story, well at least since the very first Brooklyn Bruisers novel I picked up. I have to admit I thought I knew their story, I thought it was going to be somewhat predictable, I thought I would love it. And then I started reading and I didn't know their story, it wasn't even slightly predictable but of course I loved it.

Rebecca has been such a larger than life character in all of the Brooklyn Bruisers books she felt like a work friend I have known forever but was only just learning about her private life outside of the office. She was her usual quirky, caring self but she also had so much depth that hadn't been tapped until it was all about her.

Nate was everything I expected him to be he was so cute in his own little adorkable ways and knowing how hard he has crushed on Rebecca from afar just made him even more lovable. He was always so sweet but in his own little bubble so until this book I really didn't know what to make of him. And learning so much about his history along with his history with Rebecca was awesome.

I have loved every single book of this series and this one was no different. There was the same amazing characters I already know and love, and a few more new ones, the same great writing with some perfect twists and turns to keep me madly flipping pages at 1am. And now I am off to catch up on some much needed nap time before I stalk Sarina for what she is releasing next. 


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