I have to admit I read the blurb and thought this sounded like my cup of tea but then I got to the warning and I was completely sold. Luckily I am already pregnant so I didn't have to worry too much about the warning.

I was semi expecting this to be a lot more smut with a little story thrown in and to be honest that would have still been a win for me. However I was thrilled to get a really sweet romance novel with a story that kept me turning the pages and a lot of really hot sex scenes to appease my pervy little heart.

Dylan was so caring and sweet I absolutely adored him and I loved that he was so open and honest and didn't play games or be anything at all other than exactly who he was without apologies. Not that he had anything at all to apologise for, that man was awesome. And to my absolute delight so was Emma. She knew exactly what she wanted and she went after it in the most straight forward way possible. They were just so damn sweet and sexy together, I loved them.

This is a must read for anyone wanting a sweet and steamy read that will make you feel nothing but happy thoughts for the few hours you wont be able to put it down. And the little tease for The Troublemaker has me off to GoodReads to make sure I have it on my TBR mountain to one click as soon as the pre-order is available.


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