The first Melissa Foster book I ever read was Tru Blue and I was so obsessed with that book I can't even begin to explain my love for it. So naturally I had to read the rest of the series and I am so happy that they have all been awesome. I just love the whole family and everything about these amazing characters and their perfect town.

Bullet had probably been the the most closed off Whiskey and I really didn't remember very much about him from the previous stories but that's probably more to do with my terrible memory than anything else. But from the first moment I started to read his story I knew he was right up my book boyfriend alley except you know more alpha and growly and masculine than the words book boyfriend bring to mind. I just couldn't get enough of him and I loved how OTT protective he was. He was just so perfect, I loved him.

Sweet and innocent Finlay was such a perfect contrast to him it was easy to see how she smoothed his sharp edges and complimented him to perfection. And I loved that despite how sweet she was she had a spine of steel and she went toe to toe with him whenever she felt the need without fear but she also was so understanding of who he was and his feelings that she could also just let the unimportant stuff go.

They were so beautiful to watch I spent the whole book in one big swoon. There were a few emotional moments and the "twist" (for lack of a better word) was something I saw coming from the very beginning but they way it was dealt with by both Bullet and Finlay made it so perfect I couldn't have wished for more.

Now my biggest issue is that I was dying to see Sarah and Bones get together from the tiny little hint in this book and now I have to wait til November? Seriously? That feels like forever right now for a book that I am sure is going to be as heartbreaking as it will be epic.

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