OMFG I just had a girly squeal moment (something I rarely do) when I realised who the main characters are. It only took me half a dozen pages so obviously Bear and Crystal made their mark on my little goldfish brain. Ok now I am excited. Tru Blue was one of my absolute favourite books of 2016 and was the start of my addiction to all things Melissa Foster.

So obviously when I picked this up I had absolutely no idea what I was getting. But as I got into this one it all came flooding back and added so much to the story for me. Plus we got a heap of Tru and Gemma and the kids which was awesome. But I have to say you absolutely could read this as a stand alone without missing anything but Tru Blue was amazeballs so why would you?

The book picks up 8 months into the relationship between Bear and Crystal which sounds weird but once you read it you will understand. Bear decided on meeting Crystal that she was the one for him. Unfortunately Crystal was so scared of starting a relationship that she fought him every step of the way despite wanting him as much as he wanted her.

Luckily for me Crystal didn’t really play hard to get or do any of the normal push and pull bullshit that drives me crazy so I really enjoyed watching what basically amounted to some really hot alpha biker boy foreplay. And maybe because it was told in dual POV I completely understood where Crystal was coming from and respected her feelings. Or maybe because she acted like the adult she was and sat down and explained her feelings to Bear.

Bear was just so fucking perfect I wanted to rip him off the pages and keep him. He was all things growly, protective, alpha but damn was he sweet and caring and just truly beautiful. His loyalty to his friends and family made him that much more special. I absolutely loved that he decided Crystal was it for him and he never doubted it.

Obviously they each had a few issues to sort out but they did it together and they were such a perfect couple, I devoured every word. I couldn’t put the book down. The secondary characters were great and I am dying to see who’s story we get next along with some more Tru and Gemma and Bear and Crystal. I can’t wait.


  1. Thank you for the review!
    Tasty Book Tours

  2. Squeee! I can totally tell just how much you LOVED Bear and I LOVE THAT SO MUCH!! Thank you for your rocking review XXOXO

    1. I loved him so hard. He was almost as good as Tru. Thanks for the chance to review it -xxx-


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