My love for the first book in this series kind of took me by surprise. It was not at all what I was expecting it to be and I really enjoyed every word of it so when the beautiful Nicole Archer offered me this ARC I jumped around like a crazy idiot for a minute before I begged for my copy to be sent to my kindle.

Now maybe I was a bit of an idiot because I had no idea who it featured and what it was about only this massive sense of excitement to start reading and so I did. I realised pretty quickly it was about Callie’s sister. Now this is one time that my gold fish memory helped me out because I only vaguely remembered her.

From the first page I loved Effie. She was such a free spirit and so full of life despite the life that she led. When F-Bomb  and Elvis have a chance meeting they instantly hit it off. And they bond over their missed childhood.

Watching them getting to know each other and fall in love was pretty damn awesome. Like I said from the first page I fell in love with Effie but I really did feel like I was Alice down the rabbit hole. I fell into this story so hard and having to pull myself back to reality while I was reading was almost a painful experience.

This book had everything I could want in a romance novel. I went through a full range of emotions and one minute I would be laughing out loud only to find myself with tears streaming down my face the next. The secondary characters in this story were as interesting as the main characters and I was completely invested in every word.

I can’t recommend this book more. But be warned it is completely addicting so be prepared to miss a bit of sleep.


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