I think the blurb for this book sounded so unique and like such a different concept I just had to pick it up. Then as I started reading it I actually really struggled with the whole Mr Romance thing.

I completely loved and related to Eden. She was so real and cynical and honest and having the whole story told exclusively from her P.O.V. was really refreshing but it didn’t help me with my Max issues.

So for me personally I really want a hero who falls madly in love or lust with the heroine and then be all about her. With the Mr Romance persona in the mix I just never knew what was Max and what was an act. Which is not to say I didn’t love Max or feel the chemistry between them it’s just I spent the whole book trying to guess where he was at and what his motivation was for everything and feeling sick with nerves.

But then I loved him so much for the last 10% and I really enjoyed the whole book. The secondary characters were great and Nannabeth and Moby just added to the uniqueness of the whole thing. And it feels like this has been a great set up for a new series I can’t wait to dive into.


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