When I read the blurb for Sucked Into Love I just had to one click it immediately. It sounded so fun and angst free I knew it was going to be a cute little read and I was dead on so when the chance came to grab an ARC for Checked Into Love I jumped all over it. And I am so glad because this has been such a fun series.

I probably should admit I can’t really remember the first book. It was 6 months and 100 odd books ago but I do remember that I loved it and I vaguely remembered the characters as I got a little recap of them in this one and all my lack of memory did was make me want to sit down and re read it. So now I have to dive straight into book three which has already been released and one clicked and is just waiting on my kindle so I can read them in order. 

Cee-Cee and James had awesome insta chemistry and I loved them together from the first moment. James was all growling and jealous and alpha and I was madly infatuated with him from the very first page. He was just a perfect book boyfriend. He treated Cee-Cee like a princess and I loved that he was so sweet yet completely alpha in perfect balance. Cee-Cee was pretty good but for me the whole book was about James and I really couldn’t get enough of him.

And after the last sentence in this book I am assuming we have more to look forward to. And I seriously can’t wait. But for now I am off to read Mixed Into Love.


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