Now that was the perfect way to end this great series. Of course Lennon has long been my favourite of the trio so I knew I was going to enjoy her quirky sense of humour and complete lack of filter. But since the series had been so solid there is always the worry that it can’t live up to expectations. Maybe the author will try to cram too much in to tie off the other couples and take away from the romance of the couple. Or maybe there will be one of a few hundred other small things that will detract from making this book all that I am hoping it will be but nope this series was solid to the end.

Firstly this book was all about Lennon and Jasper. The other ladies and their significant others were there and we got a little more of their relationships but the focus was so solidly on Lennon and Jasper that it could be read as a standalone if you haven’t read the first two.

Lennon was amazing. Of Course. She had such a solid grasp of who she was but as we got to know her better we also saw her hidden insecurities and her gooey soft center. All hidden behind her rainbow shitting unicorn van and her covering of tattoos and one night stands was a woman who felt like an outsider from her whole family.

Jasper was so much better than I could have anticipated. I was expecting a completely uptight banker type under the whole opposites attract theory and yeah he kind of was but he was also growly, possessive, dominant and completely alpha. I loved that he was able to be sweet as well and despite a few misunderstandings between them he was so accepting of who Lennon was and went out of his way to ensure she knew how he felt about her.

This is hands down my favourite of the three and I am dying to see where Piper Rayne are going to go with their next series.


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