This story felt a little like reading a Disney movie. And I am a huge sucker for a Disney movie. It was cute and funny and uplifting with a little drama. The only thing missing was the evil witch and the talking animals. I picked this up and really really didn't want to put it down. So much so that when it hit midnight and I was at 80% I fully intended to power through it and feel like shit for the day, so when hubby had other plans for me I actually had to think about it ( for a second). But then the strangest thing happened when the cat woke me up half an hour before the alarm (I always snooze for 40 minutes) went off I actually had to finish the book so I stayed up. I know, GASP right?

So back to the book. What can I say? I loved it. We had a beautiful princess (socialite) who was an admitted party girl that everyone loved because she genuinely cared about everyone in her orbit. And a jaded divorce lawyer who is so buttoned up I was surprised he could bend over. Both of whom happen to live in the same building and cross paths and barbs on their morning commute, him on his way to the gym and her on her way in from last night's party.

This becomes something they both enjoy and turns into something they both go out of their way to manufacture. And for the reader it's a funny, sweet sexually charged foreplay that was really nice to see. The relationship between them springs from there and I was so lost in the lust fog and romance that I never really cared that they were so opposite. They just worked for me.

Naturally there were a few hurdles and stumbling blocks but they both handled it well (kinda). For the most part the drama was dealt with in a normal way and none of it felt manufactured or unnatural so it just made me even more invested in the whole thing.

You honestly have to read this if you're looking for a sweet book. And despite being the fourth book in the series it absolutely works as a stand alone. 


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