Well it's no secret I am an idiot. I am such a massive Sarina Bowen fan and I have been absolutely dying to get my hands on Brooklynaire to read Nate and Rebecca's story since the very first Brooklyn Bruisers novel. Then today the ARC arrived on my kindle and I was so excited but then I remembered that I had put off reading the last one because I was sure it was going to make me a blubbering mess and I didn't think my hormones could handle it.

But of course I had to read that one first so I pulled up my big girl panties and started to read it. Umm yeah, I couldn't put it down. And to be honest I did hate Mike for a bit and I had moments of being a blubbering mess but damn did I love that book and now I am even more desperate to get into Brooklynaire.

Ok I guess we should start with Mike. He was an idiot, lets be honest, he did stupid things and made some rash decisions but he did them for the absolute best of reasons so I really couldn't hate him for long. And honestly we all know the male brain really is arse backwards most of the time, so I couldn't hold it against him for too long.

Lauren wasn't who I was expecting. She was such a cold and distant ice queen in the earlier books and I honestly didn't expect to like her. But as soon as I read her story my heart broke for her and it just kept right on breaking as I watched her overcome everything she had been through and get everything she deserved.

This whole series has just gone from strength to strength and I know beyond doubt that Nate and Rebecca are going to make this series even better. 


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