I am going to start by saying, incase you're like me and missed it, this is a true standalone spin off from Shameless. This is the story of Kat's sister Tori and I freaking loved it. Not only did we get a whole new story but we also saw a fair bit of Kat and Brady and caught up on their lives together.

I absolutely love Lex Martin's writing and this story was so flawlessly written with so much emotion I couldn't put it down. I spent the whole book with butterflies in my stomach sure I knew how things were going to go, only for them to go a totally different direction.

From the first page my heart broke for Tori and everything she had been through. I just wanted to wrap her up in a big hug and make everything better for her. She did have a few drama llama moments but being inside her head I completely understood where she was coming from. But then we would get into Ethan’s head and see it for what it was.

Ethan was a bit of a closed book even getting things from his point of view I still had moments waiting for the other shoe to drop. But I think that was probably more my own expectations than the books as I had it in my head that I knew what was going to happen. Just fyi don't trust a hugely pregnant, hormonal woman on where she thinks things are going. I was miles off.

But despite the fact I was wrong about everything the whole book had my undivided attention from start to stop and I loved everything about it. But then what else would you expect from the amazingly talented Lex Martin?


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