I honestly don't know if Sarina Bowen is a genius who has all these amazing book plots all planned out a million books in advance or if she just has the most incredible talent that just makes everything work to perfection. But either way Silas and Delilah were magic.

Silas has been one of my favourites forever and his love of Delilah Spark music was so endearing. But I never even imagined their was such a sweet history between them. 

And the flash backs were written so perfectly that I was right there with them both. Not to mention having this told in both points of view made me fall for them both immediately. I honestly felt like I went on a holiday to the ocean and sat at the bar watching Delilah and Silas fall in love.

Of course the new secondary characters were great but catching up with the team was even better. I love seeing them moving forward in the background of a new story. The only small thing I want changed is for Mr Muscles to stay in the story. I would love a bit more of him.

This whole book has made me feel all warm and swoony and I really wish I had a whole heap more of them to read. I am such a massive fan of Sarina Bowen, she just never disappoints.


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