I really didn't do this story any justice. I was dying to read this and I saw some awesome reviews for it so I started reading it. But I really wasn't in the right mood nor did I have enough time to get invested in this book and it really felt like it needed it.

So I absolutely love the characters and my heart broke for Charlie. Just that every time I started to get into the story real life intruded and pulled me out repeatedly. So I never got the full emotional connection I know I would have if I read it on a quiet weekend when my head wasn't overflowing with drama.

Reese was absolutely perfect. I really couldn't fault him at all and from the very start I was in love. He was so sweet and caring and compassionate and everything about him made me love him more.

So although this was a four star read for me this week I know if i had of held off for the right time this would have been a five star read and I could kick myself for it. But oh well, maybe when I have the time I will reread this.


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