I am pretty sure this is one of those times I should have paid more attention to the sign up before I fangirled over the fact it's a new Piper Rayne book and jumped in with my eyes closed. Because office romance is one of my least favourite tropes, so I started reading then went off to GoodReads to find out what I was reading.

Luckily for me I love Piper Rayne's writing and characters so I was able to suck it up until about the halfway point where I forgot I disliked office romance and was so invested in the characters. And the side characters. And the story.

Enzo was the perfect leading man for the job. I loved him. He had the whole cocky arsehole thing perfected. And thank God we had this in dual POV because I would have been as confused as Annie about what was going through his head if I had to judge it on his actions alone.

Annie was just as perfect. She knew what she wanted and was determined to work her way there without distractions. But man Enzo was one hell of an unavoidable distraction. And I am loving the brothers. I really can't wait to get to their books. Hopefully Annie and Enzo get plenty of chances to make them sweat too.


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