I am seriously in two completely different camps with this book. I loved it and I couldn't put it down. Everything about the characters had me obsessed and wanting them to get together. I had all these different ideas on what the big drama was going to be and when it hit I was annoyed. 

I felt like there were all these ways that it could have played out but the way it did was just poor word choice. And that fact wasn't even acknowledged by either because they both acted kind of immature for how I was expecting them to act based on them up to that point. But then I sat back and slept on it and I realised that it doesn't affect my feelings on the story or the characters because I can kind of see how it happened and remember that they are young and misunderstandings like that do happen, and that epilogue was just beautiful.

Can't wait to see where the series is going and get the next couple.


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