It feels like I've been waiting for this book forever. But Rebecca Jenshak is like college sports crack. From my first book I was addicted, and I inhaled everything I could get my hands on and now I just can't get them fast enough. And I have zero patience and a goldfish memory, so I just want all the words yesterday.


Gavin and Violet were one of those couples where you kind of want her to kick him in the junk and date the hot football player and live happily ever after. And then he goes all out to prove that he wants a second chance and does sweet things that cause some serious book boyfriend moments and I'm back to hoping he wins her over.


One thing I will say is that I love a reformed man whore, so I don't have any issue with that. BUT I am not a fan of the whole I've wanted you the whole time, so I banged my way through the roster. Although I am able to get over it, it is one of those things that I need there to be a good grovel or a point to the mention and thankfully in this case there was both.


I love these ladies and gents and getting to know them all bit by bit in every book is awesome. I can't wait for the next book, and I can't wait for the hot football player to show us what he's got in the boyfriend department. And seeing how much more epilogue we get in the next book because this one was cute AF.



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